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The New Bank
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The global banking system that bitcoin changes

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Real-time swap

BitLive 365/24
It is always swapped to the current Bitcoin price.

BitLive is a coin that guarantees transparency and trust without price manipulation with a 1000:1 leverage coin that is the same as Bitcoin, and the price is coupled with BitLive when the price of Bitcoin rises.

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You can earn high returns by staking BitLive. 

If you staking with the USD-linked stablecoin USBT, you will be able to get stable interest income regardless of the price of the coin. Interest rates vary by period. Principal and interest can be received at any time to your Bitcoin wallet through real-time swap at maturity.


You can get a loan using BitLive as collateral.

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Although Bitcoin is inconvenient due to high fees and slow transmission speed, there are gradually many websites that use Bitcoin to deposit and withdraw from other sites!

Despite the fact that BitLive has the same value as Bitcoin at a ratio of 1000:1, low fees and transmission speed are real-time, and deposit and withdrawal are processed immediately!

BitLive provides convenience similar to smart banking when depositing and withdrawing BTL after installing the app!

A new payment method using Bitcoin
BTL conducts crypto finance banking network services such as deposit and withdrawal services and loans for people all over the world!

Swappable Coins

Coins that can be traded on the BitLive platform

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Why is Bitlive better than Bitcoin?

BitLive has the same 1000:1 leverage as Bitcoin, allowing real-time swaps with Bitcoin or Ethereum. BitLive has the same value as Bitcoin, but unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, staking has the advantage of receiving additional interest.

How do I exchange Bitcoin in realtime to BitLive?

Bitcoin can be swapped in real-time through the app.

BitLive mortgage loan service
for people around the world!

You sold the coins you invested in because you needed a quick power supply, but you were upset because the coins you sold skyrocketed?
Now use BitLive as collateral to get a loan with Bitcoin or Ethereum! You can use the loan service while maintaining the value of the coin.

Refer benefits

Recommend BitLive to your friends!
Every time a member I recommended and signed up for swaps to BitLive, you can also earn BitLive.
The accumulated BitLive can be immediately swapped with Bitcoin and Ethereum at any time.  You can earn interest when you hold Bitlive.

Bitlive can enjoy benefits beyond Bitcoin

through staking and events.

You can share more information by visiting the chat room for more information on BitLive.

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